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1544600_721583667860089_442205142_nToday is a two for one deal!  This “Aww Worthy“, Daily Dabble, actually has two stories in it, which makes it longer than normal.  So be sure to keep reading and don’t miss the second aww moment for the day!


Well after some rather deep digging I’m still unclear as to what this picture is actually showing.  The most consistent thing I have found, in almost every instance is that this picture was taken after an earthquake.  The Panda bear was scared and sought comfort in this person by hugging their leg.  Now as to where this happened, it was either Japan or China.  As to who this person is, either a policeman or a zookeeper.  I suppose, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.  I would not say that this is unusual behavior.  Animals have shown great emotion when among their own kind.  What is unusual, is the Giant Panda’s sudden disregard for it’s own instincts about humans.  Yes, I understand that if this Panda was raised in a zoo, around humans all the time, it might be more willing to do this.  However, even if this was a wild Panda, he would not be the first one to show this same connection to a human after a traumatic event.


In 2009, here in Australia, there were massive fires in Victoria.  They would later be called the Black Saturday Bushfires.  There were over 400 separate fires reported, on Saturday the 7th of February, and resulted in the highest loss of life for Australia by bushfire.  But from the ashes came a heartwarming story, Sam the Koala.  She was found by firefighter David Tree, and though she at first appeared to want to run, she stopped instead.  Waited, and then drank the water offered by David, and even held his hand and let him pet her (video below).

I think sometimes, in life, we realize that we are all here, together.  We all suffer the same fate, same wounds, same heartache.  In the end though, animals seem to have a keener knowledge of this than most humans.  Or at the very least, they come to it sooner in moments of trauma.  After all, we are all just animals sharing the same home.




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