Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

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It’s been a fair few years since I’ve had a hamster.  I miss them a lot.  They were so much fun.  I usually had the dwarf kind that never grew bigger than the palm of your hand.  It made them seem like they were in a perpetual state of baby-hood.  Any animal lover worth their salt wishes their animals could stay that cute and cuddly forever.  I guess the same could be said for human babies too.    In any case, those little rascals were the curious type.  This picture reminds me a lot of some of the hamsters I’ve had.  I kept them in the open barred type of cages.  They had to be the metal bars because those little critters can chew through plastic in record time.  The point being though, despite an inescapable home (at least usually) that wouldn’t stop them from climbing all over the thing.  I remember coming in to my room and seeing one of them hanging, very much like this one, from the bars at the top of the cage.  Often they looked as if it was all completely natural, like they had just been doing their daily pull-ups.  It was the cutest thing, until they fell from those top bars.  They were never hurt from the fall, but as any tree climber can tell you… “It’s far easier going up than coming down.”




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