Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

March 7th, 2013 2 Comments

8201_394297193973795_1623876385_nAm I the only person on Earth who actually likes this song?  I mean really?  I use to torture my mum with it all the time.  To this day it still bugs her to no end.  Then there are the mass of people who begin to leap in front of moving vehicles when they hear it.  Is it really that bad?  Have I just missed the sadistic side of it all these years?  I suppose ignorance is bliss, and if it means I won’t enjoy that song or this picture as much if I know the truth…  well then keep me in the dark.  😉


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[shrug] I think some don’t like it ’cause it was so over-played. I’ve always enjoyed it, myself.


    You’re probably right. Still, I don’t see people having a fit over other songs that get too much play. Like “Imagine” or “We Will Rock You”, both of which I love too, lol.