Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

March 3rd, 2013 6 Comments


How come elephants always seem so cute and happy?  I mean, they are both cute and happy, but who would think they would make it look so easy?  Getting anything that size to look cute is one thing, but they have some of the most expressive face i think I have ever seen.  Of course I have claimed to see animals (usually my pets) smile, but if you look at this picture he really is smiling!  You can not look at the mouth and say it is anything other than grinning!  I dare you to try!  😉  Now this is an animal we can all take some life cues from.



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Well I’m glad someone is thinking about elephants! I told people to start thinking about them. Apparently you’re the only one who listened! 😕

(But if you think they always look cute and happy you have seen enough elephants!)


    Lol, yeah it’s that whole “taking off your cloak” thing. I think you should have left it one during the elephant speech, more people might have stuck around to listen. 😉

    Just like any animal they have a dark side for sure, but still find them beautiful even in a rage. Of course I’ve never claimed to be a sane type of person.


      It’s probably just as well they’ve run off. I’m about to start writing about Einstein and Special Relativity!


        Lol, you may have a point there. 😉


Definitely too cute for words. Great way to start my Sunday


    I’m glad I could make your Sunday a little brighter. 😀