Daily Dabbles: Huh?

February 13th, 2013 4 Comments

werid-shoes-8Okay, now I like rats, and mice, and well any animal really, but this is a little creepy to me.  O_o  They just look too… dead.  They’re not cute, all be it they are fuzzy, but something about sticking my feet into the backs of decaying corpses doesn’t sound all that appealing.  Nor does it look appealing in this picture.  This whole photo just looks gross to me, and trust me I have a very strong stomach.  I don’t throw the “eww” factor around lightly, but in this case I feel it is a must.  I guess shoving my feet into the cut open backs of cute, fuzzy and still alive slippers is somehow better than these ones.


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I think it’s the paws and tails that really adds to the creep factor. Actually, no, the whole thing is just plain creepy. The fur, the face, the paws AND the tail.


    Agreed. Just creepy.


They are pretty creepy, and I like animal slippers.


    My thoughts exactly. O_o