Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

February 10th, 2013 3 Comments



If you own a cat, or have ever owned a cat, you know exactly how this feels.  That is if you let the cat sleep with you to begin with.  All of my cats have done this to me on countless occasions.  If it wasn’t at the head of the bed, it was at the foot of it.  Or beside me.  Or sometimes on top of me.  There were moments when I would force the cat to lay down.  It worked, for about five minutes.  I think it only worked that long because the cat thought it was going to get petted.  I’ve even had them do this for so long that I have actually shut the cat out of my bedroom.  Of course that only led to them crying and pawing at the door to be let back in.  In other words people, never forget that your cat rules your roost, even while you are firmly planted in it.  😉


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My cat always sleeps by my head. In fact, he pushes my upper half toward the center of the bed and I don’t even realize it until I wake up and I’m diagonal on the bed. We also have two dogs that sleep with us. One lays longways, the other has to lay across the bed so her but touches me and her head touches dad. My hubby and I have very little bed. I think the animals are trying to push us out and make us sleep on the floor. 🙂


    Oh it’s the same way with me. There was one brief point where I only had one cat and no other pets. It’s amazing how much space an eight pound fuzzball can take up on a full-sized bed. I swear they are secretly shape shifter when we aren’t looking.