Daily Dabbles: Huh?

February 8th, 2013 4 Comments

550597_342234139180101_646667248_nSo a bit of cultural education lesson with this one.  When I first came to Australia I quickly learned that what I called “flip-flops” in the US were called “thongs” here.  O_o  Now, for my American readers I’m sure, like me, your first thought when you hear “thong” is not a shoe but a pair of panties women wear for that all-day wedgie feeling.  😉  It took me several months to keep from laughing every time I heard someone say a pair of “thongs”.  In fact, I still have to remind myself sometimes what it means, and remember to say it myself.

Anywho, the point of this picture you may ask?  Here in Australia, thongs (flip-flops) are the footwear for, well, everyone.  I kid you not!  These things are everywhere.  I am currently listening to a jam session of my partner’s band and there are currently seven of us here.  Guess how many of us are wearing thongs (flip-flops)?  All seven of us!  Just to give you a brief idea of how popular these things are.

So needless to say I find this picture not only funny and a “huh?” moment, but also completely relevant and probably a great investment.  😀


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I first learned their name as thongs; they were common in California. There were beach thongs and shower thongs and street thongs. That extremely uncomfortable-looking bit of ass fabric came along much later.


    That must have been before my time, as I had never heard them called that before coming to Australia. Nice to know that at least not everyone in the US will be ignorant to this, lol. 🙂


      I go back to the days slightly after the invention of sliced bread!


        That must have been a sight see. A moment to change the world.

        You look good for your age. 😉