Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

February 7th, 2013 4 Comments


I absolutely love this picture.  First off, how cute is a turtle that is no bigger than a strawberry.  Not only that, how cute is a turtle, who’s no bigger than that strawberry, taking on that strawberry!  Ah the bliss of youth and innocence.  This little guy reminds me of the attitudes in kids that they are invincible.  What would the world be like today if we all kept this stubborn willfulness to face any challenge, no matter how much bigger it may be to us?  But I’m getting all Freudian on you and this is a moment for simply saying “Squeeee!


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I think that’s actually a normal-sized turtle. It’s the strawberry that’s huge!!


    Good point! Those growth hormones do wonderful things, don’t they. 😀


      Steroid use has become a huge concern in the Berry Leagues. There’s serious talk about excluding such participants from the revered Hall of Fruit.


        Yeah, but a lot of the fruits are still trying to deny it. Sad really.