Daily Dabbles: Laugh it Up

February 6th, 2013 11 Comments


This happens all the time!  I swear it’s all a conspiracy.  There is CIA evidence that dogs have a similar plot.  Every time you try to step over them they stand up.  I suspect that the whole “Cat Dog” wars are simply a cover up.  They are really trying to take over the world.   Investigations into parrots, ferrets, and fish are currently underway and can not be commented on at this time.



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OMG!!! that is too funny and horribly true! 🙂


    I know! They are devious little critters, and yet we still love them. In it’s moments like these that I know the fury feline is fully aware of us and what we say or do. Don’t let them fool you. 😉


No doubt there is a Quantum Effect of some kind; your presence disturbs the timespace wave function thus triggering a reaction. Or a plot; could be a plot, too….


    Could be both. The secrets that lay in our presence can be catastrophic. Just look at that damn butterfly and its flapping wings for crying out loud. 😉


      The Sound of Thunder!


        Lol, watch out for those things. They are destructive little beasts.