Daily Dabbles: Huh?

February 4th, 2013 2 Comments


I soooo want this!  Of course that probably has a lot to do with my love of Star Trek, but still…  how cool is this?? Have you ever had those moments where you are behind a “Sunday Driver” or have someone riding your tail pipe?  I have often wished that I had a bull horn, or oil slick, or something to scare the crap out of the other driver.  But I have to admit that having mini phasers or Photon torpedoes would be soooo much cooler!!


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That is totally cool!

I always wanted to install the following mods in my car: (1) a loud outdoor speaker mounted under the rear end; (2) adjustable shocks that would make the back end rise; (3) the ability to control the brake lights. Then, when some jackass is camping on my tail, I activate the system that makes it look like I just slammed on the brakes. Hard! Rear end rises, brake lights go on, and a loud screech comes from the car.


    LOL! OMG that would be awesome! I want pics if you ever do that. 😉