Daily Dabbles: Huh?

January 31st, 2013 4 Comments



Okay, I have to admit this looks pretty cool.  I can’t help but wonder though; would this be a moving violation?  I mean really?! Both here in Australia and where I use to live in Michigan this would get you pulled over in a heartbeat.

I’d like to know how this came to be, though.  Was it a parade, contest, bad Acid trip?  Maybe he’s a big Tron fan (as my first thought was Light-Cycle).

This would be so distracting for an observer I would think.  Let alone the driver.  How do you see past all the colours?  It’s bad enough trying to see when the dome light is on in the car at night.  Let alone something like this?


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For some, style trumps all common sense!


    Lol, too true, and I have been guilty of it myself on occasion. 😀


      I’m sure we all have … on occasion. It’s like junk food or violence on TV; don’t make a habit of it.


        Agreed. Although junk food is a toughie to keep away from. 😛