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I’m a Goth/Hippie who loves to try new things and dabbles in anything and everything that I find enjoyment in. That can include but is not limited to, cooking, art, digital design, jewellery making, photography, gardening, nature, animals and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’m an optimistic (occasionally) perfectionist (constantly), who can be very sarcastic (incessantly), but all in good humour. :)

Daily Dabble: Huh? – Luxury Car Sleeping

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Daily Dabble: Chin Up – The Possibilities of the Impossible

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Daily Dabble: Aww Worthy – Puppy, Meet Cat (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Laugh It Up – The Mother of All Temper Tantrum (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Eye Popper – Sing It Like Whitney (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Huh? – Golfing in Gotham

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Heh, heh, heh. If you’re gunning for me you’re way, way outta the zone! 😛


    Damn, will try harder next time. 😉


      It’s a very hard target to hit with a single picture. Stories on the other hand, I find much more compelling.


        Well, at some point I will be putting up some of my writings. Maybe they will be more to your heart strings liking. 😉


          I definitely prefer original content to echos of things already out there. (At least unannotated somehow. We all echo stuff that’s out there somehow… it’s what people say about the echos that make blogs interesting to me. Your pictures, for example… if you keyed off them somehow and did a commentary, that would make them more engaging. It can be meta: how you found it or some aspect of the picture. It can be a flashback. It can be anything the picture triggers. Otherwise it’s just someone else’s picture.)


            That’s actually a really good idea. I think I may start trying that. If I can think of things to actually comment about on all the pictures, lol.