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I’m a Goth/Hippie who loves to try new things and dabbles in anything and everything that I find enjoyment in. That can include but is not limited to, cooking, art, digital design, jewellery making, photography, gardening, nature, animals and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’m an optimistic (occasionally) perfectionist (constantly), who can be very sarcastic (incessantly), but all in good humour. :)

Daily Dabble: Huh? – Luxury Car Sleeping

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Daily Dabble: Chin Up – The Possibilities of the Impossible

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Daily Dabble: Aww Worthy – Puppy, Meet Cat (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Laugh It Up – The Mother of All Temper Tantrum (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Eye Popper – Sing It Like Whitney (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Huh? – Golfing in Gotham

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Heh, I wonder if that FedEx / UPS one is real or ‘shopped…. I do have a scan of a newspaper photo of a collision between a FedEx truck and a UPS truck.


    Don’t know but it looks cool either way. 🙂

    That pic of yours sound funny, in a morbid sort of way.


      You’d think by now would have sunk in that I can find anything on the interweb, but I’m still surprised sometimes by how easily!



        Yeah me too. My mum always tells me “Google is your friend”. Still gets me how often she’s right about that. 😛

        Bit surprising that the report gives the drivers exact address. Especially the one who is thought to have been drinking. O_o


          Yeah, that was odd. Maybe making a point?


            LOL. Probably. I think my point was that mom knew you could find the answer on the web very easily.

            At least I think that was my point. O_o It was late, very late when I wrote that, lol.