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I’m a Goth/Hippie who loves to try new things and dabbles in anything and everything that I find enjoyment in. That can include but is not limited to, cooking, art, digital design, jewellery making, photography, gardening, nature, animals and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’m an optimistic (occasionally) perfectionist (constantly), who can be very sarcastic (incessantly), but all in good humour. :)

Daily Dabble: Huh? – Luxury Car Sleeping

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Daily Dabble: Chin Up – The Possibilities of the Impossible

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Daily Dabble: Aww Worthy – Puppy, Meet Cat (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Laugh It Up – The Mother of All Temper Tantrum (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Eye Popper – Sing It Like Whitney (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Huh? – Golfing in Gotham

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That first one… Huh? What in the? Really? Want one!! 😀


    Lol, yep that was my thought too! This would be so funny. 😀


      And my very first car was a sky blue VW bug, so I’ve always had a very fond spot for those cars. Loved that little bug!!


        I love the VW bugs! I’ve always wanted one, the original, mind you. I do not care for the modern version of them. 😛


      Oh, yes, absolutely! My baby was a brand new 1973 VW (classic, not even super) bug. Had it all through college and my first job after. Ended up selling it to a college kid who I hope had as much fun with it as I did!

      I just now noticed the bread gloves come in “raisin bread” style…. now that’s weirdness squared!


        My baby was a 1987 Pontiac Firebird. I loved that car. Eventually sold it as well to a father and son who said they’d restore it. I hope they did. I actually cried to her go.

        I can just see it now. Some hungry crazed teen boy chowing down and taking off a finger. 😛


          A Firebird! A bit more muscle than my little baby!


            Oh but she was a humble car and enjoyed cruising with those less fortunate in the horsepower area. I miss her so.