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I’m a Goth/Hippie who loves to try new things and dabbles in anything and everything that I find enjoyment in. That can include but is not limited to, cooking, art, digital design, jewellery making, photography, gardening, nature, animals and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’m an optimistic (occasionally) perfectionist (constantly), who can be very sarcastic (incessantly), but all in good humour. :)

Daily Dabble: Huh? – Luxury Car Sleeping

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Daily Dabble: Chin Up – The Possibilities of the Impossible

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Daily Dabble: Aww Worthy – Puppy, Meet Cat (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Laugh It Up – The Mother of All Temper Tantrum (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Eye Popper – Sing It Like Whitney (Video)

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Daily Dabble: Huh? – Golfing in Gotham

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Nope, I held it in, but you almost got me on the second one. 😛


    Ooo, do I hear a challenge being put forth? Don’t test me. I may surprise you. Having said that…

    You’ve been warned. 😉


      The gauntlet is thrown; the challenge is accepted!

      [sits back with arms folded] Do your worst, woman….


        Ooo, playing hard ball are we? So be it. I better find those fMRI people and tell them to speed it up. 😛


          I wouldn’t wanna make it too easy!


            Don’t worry I like a challenge. Besides, the harder you make it, the smarter I get, and I’m already pretty damn smart as it is, so watch out.