Daily Dabble: Aww Worthy – Wild Best Friends (Video)

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As an avid animal lover, these types of stories really touch my heart.  Other stories similar to this one that I enjoy are those of Christian the Lion, Elsa the Lioness, “Wolfman” Shaun Ellis, and Timothy Treadwell.  Even though there is a risk (as highlighted by Treadwell’s death) in this type of relationship, to me it would be worth it.  To experience such a magical thing with these creatures, a bond and understanding that has sadly been lost to us over the generations and modernization.  I would risk it, and if those same creature took my life, in my last moments I honestly don’t believe I would regret a thing.  It would have all been worth it.


Although, with many people they are the cause of great debate.  Is it safe, not only for the humans, but the animals.  Forming bonds like this can cause the wild animals to become accustom to human interaction.  Which may pose a threat to them if they wonder into human areas, or encounter humans who actually intend to do them harm.


Humans react, more often than not, on fear and a lack of understanding, not on the reality of a threat, if there even is one.  Humans and animals have coexisted for tens of thousands of years, living side by side, in relative harmony.  Yes, there were instances where a wild animal attacked an ancient tribe and had to be killed, or where humans were killed by animals under normal nature driven circumstances.  The fact will always remain that humans are nothing but animals, period.


It is my belief that these bonds do no harm.  It is always the humans that overreact to wild animals and shoot first without a thought otherwise.  That’s what makes us the untamed, unpredictable, and uncontrollable aspect to nature, not the other creatures.


In the end we are all nothing but animals, and the better we understand one another, the better we are all going to be.  We share, exist, live, and are apart of the same wilderness and wild that we call home.


However, I’m not saying that a person who is stuck in a cubical eight hours a day should run out and start trying to hug wild lions, or that a stay at home parent who hasn’t had to deal with anything more scary than the occasional house spider should start picking up deadly poisonous snakes just because they saw Steve Irwin do it!  Be sensible and smart people!  I know how much of a stretch that will be for some of you, but try.




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