Daily Dabble: Chin Up – Turn Your Light On

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TurnYourLightOnI’m sure most of you have heard about affirmations, and positive thinking.  Many of you have probably tried it.  Some of you may think of it as a bunch of bull, and that’s fine.  I won’t be going into a new age rant on this post, though I’m sure I could.  Instead, I will try to make this practice as simple and readily understood as I can.


The idea of thinking positive is simple, but tends to get over shadowed in complexity.  Take for instance, you enter a dark room.  Your first thought is not that you don’t want it to be dark, but rather you want there to be light.  Instead of standing there saying to yourself, I wish it was so dark in here, you probably search for, find, and promptly turn on the light.  Positive thinking is just like that.


Have you ever found yourself saying, “I hope it doesn’t rain today”, “I wish I didn’t weight so much”, or “I hope the car doesn’t break down”.  All of these are like standing in that dark room and simply think “I wish it wasn’t so dark in here”.  These thoughts don’t focus on what you really want, but rather what you don’t want.  In reality, you want sunny skies, you want to be healthy, you want a reliable car…  you want light.  Thinking like the above statements tend to put you in a bad mood.  You get nervous, anxious, depressed, along with a whole host of other not so pleasant feelings.


Now I’m not saying that changing the way you think is suddenly going to make your life a utopia over night.  But wouldn’t it be nice to not feel so down all the time?  Why not try saying something like this instead, “The sun is out, and the skies are clear”, “I am healthy”, “I have a great reliable car”.  These sayings can do many things, but one the most powerful is the way you feel when saying them.  When you make your thoughts about the things you actually want, you feel better.  There isn’t a sense of anxiety or self-loathing.


Also remember that your mind, though infinitely complicated in how it works, actually understands things in a very simple way.  If you say to yourself that “One day I will be thinner”, “Someday I will have my dream job”, “The future for me will be great”.  All of these are said in future tense.  Your mind, in all it’s glory, is going to subconsciously make you think that those things are on their way, without ever getting to you.  Try and tell you self things like, “I am healthier each day”, “I do have my dream job”, “My life is great”.


Try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens.  🙂




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