Daily Dabble: Eye Popper – String Me Along (Video)

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The debate over how this video was done seems to rage on at every site I find it.  Two main arguments prevail.  The first being that the bass vibrates at a lower rate than the camera takes it’s shot.  Think of a fan and how it looks like it’s not moving when you shine a flashing light on it.  The second, is that the camera is using a “rolling shutter” setting while filming.  Basically, parts of the image are exposed to light longer longer than other parts on video.


One thing is certain, and seems to be about the only thing people can agree on (at least those who know the industry), is that this is not in slow motion, nor has there been any post-effects been done to it.


Personally, I really couldn’t care less about the arguments.  The bass can, and does look like this, but we puny humans just need a little help in seeing it.  🙂  Whatever the case may be this is an amazing thing to see.  Now sit back and literally see the music play!




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