Daily Dabble: Huh? – Push-Up Bra For Men

February 18th, 2014 No Comments

It may not be talked about nearly as much as the issue for women, but there must be a lot of men who are self-conscious about their body.  For every busty, thin as a pole woman in a magazine, there is a chiseled tanned man to match.  Of course women seem to have anything under the sun to make themselves look and feel better about their appearance.  Men on the other had don’t seem to have much.  Well, your worries are over men of the world!  There is now a shirt that enhances the look of your chest muscles.  Women have the push-up bra, now men have the Funkybod shirt!  Apparently they are in high demand.


“The unprecedented success of the Funkybod muscle top has led to a situation where we have been struggling to keep up with customer demands but have now put new systems in place to cope with the increased volumes.”


This according to the official site @ Funkybod.  So obviously a number of you gents out there are just as stuck on your looks as most women are.  If you happen to be one of those guys who wants an easy way to look good then get over to the the site and buy one!




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