Daily Dabbles: Chin Up

June 27th, 2013 No Comments

Maya Angelou has got to be one of the very few people on earth that I consider an idol.  It doesn’t happen often but ever once in a while I come across someone who just inspires me in so many ways.  Her writing and wisdom hits me every time.


Once again with this quote she nails it.  Courage is not always the fanfare that you see in books and movies.  Actually, courage rarely shows it’s face so blatantly.  More often than not it is in the simple things of life.  It’s everywhere, just behind the skin.


Take a look at what you do, or say.  I mean really take a good look.  Be honest, brutally.  You may find that you’re full of courage you never realized you had.  Never forget, that courage is an everyday thing, whether we realize it or not.  Those who live without it, are often the ones who seep more from the world and their relationships.  They are usually the ones that drain and whither those beautiful things around them.  Courage will never be in destruction and negativity, only in a positive life will you find it.





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