My Life: Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In… Black??

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wedding-cartoonWell, believe it or not, I’m getting married again!  It seems surreal actually.  Especially since I hadn’t intended to find a new partner when I met my fiance, lol.  Life can be funny that way I guess.  It tends to show you things when you least expect to see them.  Unexpected or not, I have never been this happy or content if the path of my life, ever.


All though I won’t be wearing black, lol.  Trust me, I considered it greatly.  No it was not a joking matter when I thought about.  Black happens to be my favourite colour.  😛  Morticia Addams happens to be my fashion idol (idol in general really), and if I could have gotten a replica of her dress you could bet a billion (yes billion with a B) that I’d be wearing it!  But my dress won’t be black, as I have decided (for the moment) to go with blue (also tied with black as my fave colour).


So anyway, on to the next bit.  Must make a list and check it twice.  🙂  I thought I’d get the opinions of my readers as well.  After all, with a world full of billions of people I’m sure you have plenty of suggestions.


If you haven’t guessed, I’m not a typical woman, not into the whole girly girl thing.  😛  As a result, my wedding probably won’t be very traditional.  After all I already know my dress won’t be white.


This is what we’ve come up with so far.  Of course this is all still fairly up in the air and could change at any time, lol.  Especially since said fiance hasn’t really given a firm on a lot of things.  😛  So most of this is my ideas, but I will NOT be doing this alone.  I’m going to make sure he gets off his butt to pick stuff out.  So a lot of the men’s stuff is based loosely off what he’s said in passing.  *shrugs*


As I’m sure from the pictures you’ll be able to guess that we will more than likely be having an outdoor and/or beach wedding.  😀  Plus it’s the tropics anyway, so outside or not it’s going to be warm.



If you’re interested in seeing everything I’ve thought about so far check out my Pinterest board dedicated to it:  Wedding Ideas




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