Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

March 17th, 2013 No Comments

6 packTo all you gym-aholics out there who sweat away hours to get the perfect body… you’ve been doing it all wrong!  Now this guy has got to be the smartest man alive.  No one can deny that his is the quintessential level of a six-pack.  I mean who wouldn’t want this?  You get what most men work for years to get, and years to maintain, and beer to boot!  You never have to worry about a missed gym session, or what that extra drink is going to cost you.  Maybe this guy should start marketing his ideas.  The next thing you’ll known there’ll be a new workout video hitting the shelves.


“And one and two and pick up that bottle opener.  Visualize people!  And three and four and pop that cap like you mean it.  And five and six and chug, chug, chug!  You can do it.  Only five more to go and you’ll have your very own six-pack abs.”


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