Daily Dabbles: Huh?

February 23rd, 2013 2 Comments

funny-awesome-random-skills-8Well I have to say I rather like this idea, at least in theory.  Are we always taught to do things to protect ourselves from assailants.  Such as holding our keys between our fingers to make very short looking Wolverine claws?  Or checking under the car at night to make sure the boogie man isn’t waiting with a straight blade to slit our heels?  Then there’s the old stand by of scratching the eyes out before kicking the balls.


I do see one problem with this.  What happens to the phone if and when you use this device?  I’ve seen people just drop their phone and the screen breaks.  I can’t imagine what using it as a knuckle puncher would do to it, and your hand.  You may send your attacker to the doc’s for a broken nose, but you’ll be closely behind with a smart phone embedded in pieces in your palm.  O_o


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Does that tough blonde come with the phone? 😀

Another tip: always check the backseat before you get in the car.


    Of course she does. Who would run from that? 😉

    Yep, I forgot about that tip.