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February 17th, 2013 6 Comments

Writing-writing-31275199-1500-1004If you have read some of my other postings you may have realized that I have a tendency for writing.  Though I have been published, my works were as a freelance journalist, and a news theme more so than a personal one.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still awesome to see my name in print, even if I was just writing in a local paper about local events.  Still, I have always had so many stories rolling around inside my head.  I have started many, but must admit, finished none, lol.  In some respects I feel that if I don’t write them down, even if they are snippets, my head will promptly implode from the overload.


The same could be said for my visual art as well.


I have always been a little hesitant to post my works online.  Let’s face it.  There are people out there that would much rather let you do the work for them.  Then all they need to use piggy back your hard work to make up for their imaginative short comings.  I have, in the past, posted some of my poems and fan-fictions, but haven’t yet posted my originals.  My mind is still debating if I should do so, or if I do, just how much I should publish on the WWW.


In any case, I love to write about fantasy, sci-fi, and period pieces.  Things that have a lot of magic, myth, tech, aliens, and takes place either far behind us, far ahead of us, or somewhere completely different to us.  It only makes sense that this is also the type of stuff I love to read about as well.  So in the spirit of sharing I am giving you a little piece from an original rework of an old tale.


Does that make sense?  lol


Anyhoot, on to the snippet.  Enjoy!




The lodge loomed from the dark.  It’s shadowy form only visible to those who were looking for it.  The cloaked figure at its stilted base was less so.  Though her covering matched the dark browns and greens of her forest surrounding, it was more than obvious she didn’t belong there.  Something in the way she moved, cautious, always looking at the least little sounds.  Shivers were visible every so often as the wind whipped along the garment’s hems.


“Should I be concerned, my Lady,” A second figure echoed from within the trees.


The woman turned but saw no one save for her own imaginings.  She clutched at her hood, pulling the cloth tighter around her face.  Perhaps this had been a mistake.  It wasn’t as if seeing the Orna had ever ended well.  Most never returned.  The woman made up her mind in that moment and took a few steps back the way she had come.


“Do not leave so soon, my Lady,” the voice said again.  “There is no one who seeks me without reason.”


The woman stopped.  This time the voice was clearer and its direction far more pronounced.


“Your concern is unwarranted,” she replied, turning back to the raised dwelling.  A small figure stood under it, looking more a part of a tree than a human.  Twigs and leaves matted in the greying hair.  The skin leathered and deeply tanned.  “I wish to employee your services.”


“My Lady Airnye, to have one as yourself to ask a favor of me?” He questioned, his words holding no interest in the answer.  “What is it you seek?”


The Queen hesitated only briefly at her name.  She had after all risked a great deal as it was to come here, alone no less.  If she truly wanted her wish she couldn’t allow her fears to falter her resolve.  As if in answer her thoughts brought the King to the forefront and her heart physically pained her.


“I seek…” she began, taking a breath that fought its way to her lungs.  Despite the effort, she plunged on, pulling the hood from her head.  “I seek a child.”


“A child?” The Orna’s interest peaked audibly.  “My Queen, I am not a king, nor am I your king.  Yet you ask of such a thing from me?”


Airnye felt her stomach turn at the Orna’s obvious reference.


“I am baron, Orna,” The Queen replied, keeping her voice level.  “There is no man that can give me what I seek in the conventional way.  I have heard a great many tales of your power Orna.  I am willing to pay what price you ask if only you can give me the power to bare his Lordship an heir.”




Let me know what you think of it?  Like it, love it, hate it?  Constructive criticism is always welcome.  You’re advice on whether I should post more online, and how much of a story, is greatly appreciated as well.




About the author

I’m a Goth/Hippie who loves to try new things and dabbles in anything and everything that I find enjoyment in. That can include but is not limited to, cooking, art, digital design, jewellery making, photography, gardening, nature, animals and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’m an optimistic (occasionally) perfectionist (constantly), who can be very sarcastic (incessantly), but all in good humour. :)

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I love this excerpt! The imagery is magnificent. I, too, write fantasy, the young adult kind. I love dragons and magic, knights and castles and creating magical worlds.


    I’m so glad you do! It’s great to hear that from fellow writers. 😀 I’ve loved what I’ve seen of your work as well. When your book comes out it’ll be on my list you can bet on it.


      thnx!!!! 🙂


        You are most welcome my friend. 🙂


      I already have one short story published. I’m hoping to add a few more publications to that list this year. Keeping fingers crossed.


        I’m sure you’ll get some more published. 🙂 From what I’ve seen of your work I don’t see any reason why you would get things in print.