Daily Dabbles: Chin Up

February 17th, 2013 4 Comments


This may be a hard thing to take to heart for most of us.  I know I’ve had issues with it over the years, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  More often than not we end up sticking with someone for nothing more than a flimsy excuse:  “I’ve known them for years.”  or my personal favourite 😛  “They’re family.”  The truth is, it doesn’t matter what type of relationship you have with someone.  In the end if they are nothing but a drain on you than you need to cut them loose.  I’m not saying it’ll be easy, or that you won’t cry over it, but in the long run, you’ll be better off.  Take stock of those around you, family, friends.  How do they treat you?  Do they support you, even if they don’t agree with you?  Are they constantly telling you to what you’re doing wrong, even if what you’re doing isn’t wrong, just different?  Or do they try and help you in any way they can to make your dreams a reality?  Chances are you have at least one person who brings you down more often than lifts you up.  Maybe it’s time you told them to move on. That way you can move on with your life.  Instead of dreading what they may say or do next, to make you feel depressed, or two inches tall.  Don’t get trapped in an all too old and overly used excuse like “but they’re family”.  If they are truly your dear friends and family then you needn’t ever have to worry that they are dragging you down… right?  Seriously think about it.



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