Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

February 16th, 2013 1 Comment

428851_359142290822619_219059660_nHow cute is this? Perfect shot, perfect facial expressions. Just adorable. Of course it only reaffirms my previous thoughts about cats and dogs, lol. Still, it’s just adorable.


I’ve only ever had one dog, but I’ve had several cats. Believe it or not, they all got along just fine. In fact, when I got my dog as a puppy I had just recently gotten a cat. The cat was barely a year old when the pooch arrived. Of course at first (at least from the cat’s side) there was a “back off buddy” type of mentality. In the end, though, they became the best of friends. It was common to find them curled up together during naps, or giving each other kisses. It was the sweetest thing.


The dog knew too when his pal didn’t come home from the vet’s one day. Of course, I think he knew she was sick before she left. Not to mention that I was balling my eyes out when I got home. I had never had to put an animal down before. They had always died naturally, usually in my arms.


He met me at the door, and not in the usual “omg, I’m so happy you’re home” sort of way. He knew, and he stayed with me until I could calm down enough to breathe. Then it was his turn to mourn, and he did so by curling up in their favourite spot on the couch. He stayed there every night for more than a week. I still find it amazing just how in-tune animals really are. In some ways, more than humans could ever hope to be.



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