Daily Dabbles: Chin Up

February 12th, 2013 1 Comment


I have to say that I don’t always follow this advice.  It’s difficult sometimes when life seem intent on beating you down or getting in your way.  All in all though, I agree with this completely.  When it comes right down to it you can only do your best each day.  Try not to think that you didn’t get everything done you may of wanted to.  As long as you’ve taken at least one step forward you have won the day.  Don’t let what more you could have done keep you up at night.  All that will do is make the next day more stressed.  Even though I haven’t always lived with this idea in my heart I do try now to keep it in mind.  I’ve been through too much to let the world, or myself, keep me from going where I want to go.  Or doing what I want to do.  As long as I’ve done something, anything, however small, each day to get a little closer to my dreams.  Then I can sleep well and be happy.


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