My Rants: Music Lyrics, or Lack There Of

January 20th, 2013 4 Comments
Musical Notes

Musical Notes (Photo credit: mikecogh)

I wouldn’t have thought that this would be a hard thing to accomplish, but apparently it is, which my partner and I discovered the other day.  😯  He is in a band.  Simple enough.  They do covers of songs.  Even more simple.  Finding the lyrics to these songs.  Too easy.  Finding the right lyrics……..

If you are someone who has tried, even once, to find the lyrics to a song, you know how easy it can be.  Type in “The Doors People Are Strange Lyrics” into any search engine for instance, and you get more than 1.8 million (according to Google) results.  All well and good, but that doesn’t mean you are going to get the correct lyrics.  Let’s face it.  We are all human.  We all have our ways of doing things, and subsequently, of hearing things.  As a result, when people simply listen to a song and write down what they think the singer or band said, it can cause issues.

Now my partner’s band just recently changed lead singers, from a woman to a man.  This can be problematic when a man (at least most of them) can’t sing like a woman.  So they began to rework their set lists to accommodate a male voice.  Easy enough considering how many songs men sing in the mainstream.  The hiccup arose when we began searching for words to some of these songs.  Neither of us had the actual CDs (which don’t always have the lyrics) so that left us with the rest of the world’s interpretation of what’s being sung.

A job that should have only taken an hour, at most, turned into an all night thing.  Site after site would have lyrics, either wrong ones that had been copied and pasted from each other, or several small variations to the same song.  At some point (after beating my head against my laptop screen for hours 👿 ) I had a stroke of genius.  My thought was this, “If anyone would have the right lyrics it should be the bands themselves”.  So I started looking up the official sites to the bands and singers on the list.  (Why I hadn’t thought of it sooner is a matter for another post.  😉 )

I have to admit I was rather proud of my moment of Einstein channeling.  Well, you know that old saying, “Pride cometh before the fall”?  That’s what I get I guess.  Why?  Because not one…. I repeat, not one of the official sites had the lyrics on them!!  (And just for good measure, a third time)….. NOT ONE!!  😡  What the hell is up with that??!!

Grant it there are some musicians who find it in their hearts to be kind to us and post their own lyrics on their site.  My problem is that they ALL of them should.  I mean really.  Are they honestly happy with the fact that apparently millions of people are butchering their words because nobody can get them written down properly?  Maybe they don’t care, who knows.  😕

Personally, I think we should all stand together and get on to all the musicians backs.   We need to tell them it is now mandatory that if they can be bothered to have an official site, then they can damn well bother to put up the lyrics!

Who’s with me ❓

*this ends this edition of my rants & ramblings you may now return to your regularly scheduled programing*


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I am sorry for your pain, but must also admit that I giggled my way through this post – only because I’ve been there and felt the frustration. Some of the translations bring tears to the eye. I’ve found the local library can be a good source as they have the album booklets or instrumentation manuals etc. which you can then photocopy for use. Good luck on your search for the right lyrics.


    Lol, yeah, now that the ordeal has past I’m not quite so annoyed, but it is still amazing what some people come up with for the lyrics. O_o Some of them are so obviously wrong it hurts. I hadn’t even thought about the library! I will have to keep that in mind the next time something like this happens. There’s a library less than 10 minutes away from my house, lol.


Once again we can lament the loss of albums, where the liner notes so often contained all the lyrics. I wonder if the logic of an old English teacher of mine applies here. He said that, if you don’t know how to pronounce a word, say it loud and proud the way you think it’s pronounced. If someone knows better, they’ll correct you, and then you’ll know. If no one knows better, well (more or less) no harm done (we could quibble about spreading false information). And if someone did know better but said nothing, well, screw them, that’s their problem.

Come to think of it, it is a tactic I took to heart. Put it out there and see what the feedback is. One just needs to be okay with being wrong in public. (Helps to be right often enough that being wrong sometimes isn’t a big deal.) My counting change post had exactly that thing going on behind it.


    Your English teacher sounds like a wise man. And yes we could go into a long speech about false info, but won’t. 😉

    I do what you do, in the respect that if I’m unsure about something I’ll put it out there with a “correct me if I’m wrong” statement of some kind. Seems to have worked so far, mainly because I seem to be right more often then wrong, lol. Or at the very least if I’m wrong everyone else is too.