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January 19th, 2013 10 Comments


I have to admit that my father bought me this book years ago… and I never read it. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, or think it was another fluff book; it was just that I didn’t have the time or energy to do so. Which is a pity, because reading is a passion of mine.

I was working as a manager, third in command, of an independently owned restaurant in the Big Boy chain of family restaurants. Putting in 60-65 hours a week, bringing home only $1400 a month, after working there for almost ten years. Though I was desperate to get the h*ll out of that job I was so worn out, emotionally, mentally, and physically that it was all I could do to get out of bed. Let alone read a book.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that my partner found a free audio version of this book. (I no longer had the actual paper copy of it anymore.) So we sat down and listened. Ironically, the book touched on many of the things that I had done in my own working life, and in some ways, still do. Such as thinking a new job or more money would solve my financial woes.

middle-class-buysThe book did have a number of really good points, like distinguishing what is actually an asset to you financially, and what is not. The fact that most view their house and/or car as an asset, even the banks list them as that. In reality, they’re not. Why? Easy. They don’t make you money. More often than not they are a huge source of drainage on your money, like the debt you’re in once you buy them.

Like most people I know we are taught certain things. Get a good education, get a steady job, work hard, and you may be able to afford to retire at 65… maybe. Honestly, I never liked that idea, and have often looked for other ways of doing things. Perhaps that’s why a lot of what he said in this book I already knew, but hadn’t really put into practice.

Some of them being, you may need to put money out in order to get more in, which is a concept some don’t like. Or the idea that most of us, myself included, need to take a long hard look at how we spend our money. A lot of people feel they don’t have enough money to cover their bills and yet when they get that raise, promotion, or better paying job, they still struggle to make ends meet. Why? Evaluate what you do.

There are some areas in his writing that get repetitive, but even he admits he’s not a good writer. Perhaps he repeats because some of us need to hear something a few times before it sinks in. But even in the repetitive places there was still humour and wit, which made it easier to hear again.

One point he makes I had a hard time hearing however. His views on taxes. It wasn’t that I disagree with what he had to say, more that I am still on the fence about taxes, and how people are affected by them, and use them. Truth be told though, I’m also a person who thinks the monetary systems are a crock anyway, so I guess I can’t complain too much. I do know however that a number of people are going to have trouble swallowing this bit of the book. My advice, just keep an open mind.



In the end, his 10 tips on making money work for you are simple to follow and so obvious most of us miss them entirely. As far as financial help books go, despite some bumps, it is one of the best I’ve read. If you are actually ready, and willing to hear what he has to say, and really take a risk to make a better life for yourself, then this is a great book to have.


Have you read this book, or any of the others in the series? I’d love to hear your view points. Do you agree with what he says? Have you tried some of these tips? Did they work for you?


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Oh, I can relate to how long it takes to write a post! Mos Def!!


    I remember now that you did mention that it takes you hours, days, or even weeks to write one out. 🙂 Glad to hear I am not the only one with this issue.


      I’d say it’s not at all uncommon. No doubt some dash off quick posts, but I’ve heard many bloggers talk about the time commitment. Sometimes for me the hardest part is finding images I like. I’ve spent hours searching for “just the right one.”


        I know that writing of any kind can be time consuming, but one would think that writing a personal blog wouldn’t take so long. I mean most of your posts are already in your head. You’re just relaying the info to others. In a personal blog that isn’t particularly focused on any one thing seems like it would be quicker, but it’s not, lol.

        Yep, I’m still working on finding proper pics for many of my posts. It’s both annoying, when I can’t find it, but also a great feeling, when I find the perfect one.


          Oh, I have found that the more personal posts do write themselves more quickly than the ones that require research.

          It’s crafting the actual words the way you want them that can make both take longer than you’d think. Knowing the substance of what you want to say is one thing. Finding the actual words and notes to say it is another.


            That is very true, and I tend to want every little thing just right. I’m surprised I get a post written at all. I usually reread it, and re-edit about 20 times, lol.


              And often several times once it’s posted. I still find myself tweaking or correcting posts from when I started in 2011.


                Yep me too. I seem to do that with anything I write, whether anyone else ever sees it or not.


Good review (and I do like it when you post stuff of your own rather than stuff you found).


    Lol, thanks. 😀

    I do like to post stuff of my own. It just takes me hours to write one out usually. So I don’t always get one done each day.

    The pictures and videos are basically for shits & giggles. Something that is easy to put up that can be there each day.