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Aloe VeraEver have those moments when you hit your shin on a coffee table, get a headache that just won’t seem to let up or you are just getting too hot from the summer heat?  I’m sure you have, and if you are like me when these things happen you want something cool to ease what ails you.  If you are also like me, you won’t have a cold pack on hand when you want one.  😛

Well something like this happened to me the other day.  I woke up with eyes puffier than P. Diddy’s ego, and no cold pack to be found.  Needless to say I was kicking myself again for not buying one of those d*mn things the last time I was at the store.  So I grabbed the nearest and best thing I could find, a bottle of pop.  Now I have to tell you that though pop can do a great many things, working as a substitute cold pack is not one of them.

However, my partner (yes he’s supplied another idea for the blog, lol, sneaky SOB) did me a huge favour by making me a cold pack.


Outside we have several aloe plants (I’m telling you people get one of these things! Don’t make me say it again.).  I shouldn’t have been surprised, given all the things an aloe plant can already do, but it can also make a great cold pack when you need one.   It only takes a few minutes to make and a few more to get cold, and you are all good to go!



Here’s how to do it:


Go out to your aloe plant and pull off one or two large leafs from it.

Aloe Leaf


Rinse off any dirt or grit that might be on it.  Cut off the bottom, fat end of the leaf as well as the spiky edges.

100_5057 100_5058 100_5059


Split the leaf long ways down the middle and then cut into smaller pieces.

100_5060 100_5061 100_5062


Use a blender (very recommended for this) and beat the pieces until they are mixed well.  Pour your liquid-ish aloe leaf into a Ziploc bag (standard sandwich sized).



Seal it up and put it in the fridge for an hour or two and you have yourself a very cold, cold pack!  Freezer is not recommended as the aloe looses its liquid state and can be hard to conform to the needed area.

100_5068 100_5069


Now go out and enjoy some cold relief!


Have any of you every tried this, or something similar?  Would love to hear you ideas or tips!





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