Random: A Smiling We Will Go

January 14th, 2013 2 Comments

A Smiling We Will Go



So I just happen to be looking at the Smilies I see around WordPress.  If you are like me I use them… a lot, but I usually only use a handful of them.  Not because I don’t think the others are cute, or don’t want to use them, but because I usually don’t know, or can’t remember what to type to use them, lol.

WordPress, being so large and user friendly, surely have more than the standard five emotes on hand for their bloggers…

Well, as my mom always says, “Google is your friend.”  So aGooglin I went, and sure enough WP supports more than the few faces I use!  Having found this out I figured I would share, because certainly I’m not the only emote-deficient writer out there, right?






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