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The Happy Nut Company

Thai Lime & Sweet Chilli Cashews



The Happy Nut CompanyThai Lime & Sweet Chilli Cashews

The Happy Nut Company
Thai Lime & Sweet Chilli Cashews


Well, I was hoping to have a review that would be well balanced.  Give an idea of both the positives and not-so-positive things.  Reviews that are nothing but love letters, or haters, can be both boring and annoying.  So what am I going to do?  Write a love letter of course, lol.   I know, I know, feel free to slap me at any time.

So for Christmas my partner and I were given a number of sweets and food items.  Most were just cheap little things, like variety boxed chocolates, those plastic stockings filled with 25 cent candy, and so on.  However there was one item that struck me as interesting as soon as I saw it.

It was a package of “Thai Lime & Sweet Chilli Cashews” from The Happy Nut Company.


Normally I tend to be picky about flavoured nuts.  Most of them that I’ve tried are decent, but I wouldn’t rave about them.  They are usually dry and lack the flavour that they should have with the amount of coating on them.

Though these nuts sounded unique and mouthwatering I wasn’t holding my breath.  I think my exact words when I saw them was “This should be interesting”.  Mind you that statement was dripping with both skepticism and a mild hope.

The fact that they didn’t have a Facebook page, and the FB like button on their site only had 35 likes, didn’t help their case.  I figured maybe this was just some off brand type of thing.  Cheap.  Tasteless.  Just trying to mass produce a product to make a buck kind of thing.

Honestly, my partner and I didn’t even open the bag of nuts until a couple of days ago.  Boy I wish to god we had cracked that puppy open long before then!  These little jewels were worth the wait, and only lasted less than an hour after opening.

The biggest surprises with these nuts were

1)  They were actually still moist and tasted very fresh

2)  They were thickly coated with the Lime Chilli flavour, and guess what?  It was actually full of flavour!

For once I had a nut I could go crazy for.  😉  It was the right freshness, the right flavour, and the blending of sweet and spicy was perfect.  I highly recommend this to those who like nuts, who like coated nuts, and those who enjoy a sweetness with a bit of a kick!

The Happy Nut Company




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